Spanish bookstore

Capitulo Uno Bookstore is the only Spanish bookstore in the northwest. Here you’ll find Spanish poetry, Novels, fiction, non-fiction and all the usual categories but all in Spanish. Here you can find the perfect gift for your Hispanic friends or for yourself. If you’re trying to improve your Spanish skills, come and visit us, you can also find books on how to learn Spanish, or if you prefer to practice what you already know, come, we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you.


in love?

There is no better way to a Latina heart than poetry. Come and find inspiration and learn how to say what you feel, to her in her own language. At Capitulo Uno Bookstore you’ll find books that could inspire you to express your own feelings. Also, you are more than welcome to practice your poems here, we’ll be very happy to listen and help you.

cook his favorite meal

We’ll help pick the right recipe book and teach you how to pronounce the ingredients in Spanish. But don’t stop at just cooking, show him your Spanish skills, which of course we’ll help you improve, just stop by and tell us about him.



Encourage others to learn Spanish

Encouraging someone to read is one of the smartest ideas and shows care, but if you add into the mix giving a book in Spanish, you’re not only encouraging reading, but also another language. For the perfect gift, stop by Capitulo Uno and find a great book in Spanish, you’ll be able to find anything from science fiction, to novels, history and more.

Capitulo Uno Libreria means Chapter One Bookstore, we are an independent bookstore and we seek to promote reading among the Hispanic community and those who are interested in learning Spanish. This is a great place to find a good book for your Hispanic friends, or for yourself.

We also love to hear people and their stories, we’re especially interested in love stories. It will be our pleasure to help in any way we can to make that special someone love you, either through good poetry, cooking or simply by showcasing your Spanish skills.

If you just want to come and talk, we’re here to listen, or if you want to come and have a conversation, we’re here for that too, just remember, it will all have to be in Spanish!  

Inside Capitulo Uno Libreria

Inside Capitulo Uno Libreria

Come and visit us at: 12815 Canyon Rd E, Suite P Puyallup, WA 98373